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Intention Beads are millefiori clay beads handmade during powerful astrological transits, creating a talisman to help you manifest a desire, prayer, or intention. Here at Intention Beads we challenge you to Live Your Intention.

Sandy Rueve is the creator and founder of She Beads where she hand designs clay patterns and turns them into beads using the ancient art of millefiori. This same process goes into Intention Beads, but a small twist is added. Sandy is an astrologer and has been for over 11 years, so she researches when a strong astrological movement will take place and then during that movement, she creates beads. The beads are then affected by the power of that movement and carry a mantra with them. “ I'd been searching for a way to combine these two loves of mine, my beads and astrology” says Sandy. “My customers have been telling me for years that these beads have a powerful energy!”


What are Intention Beads?


The beads used for our Intention Bead bracelets are hand-rolled and one-of-a-kind. They are designed and hand-made by designer and business woman Sandy Rueve, founder of She Beads. They are produced at precise times that directly correlate to specific, auspicious planetary transits. Astrologically speaking, the production of Intention Beads bracelets are subject to a very small celestial window of time.

Once that time has passed, it is gone forever! Intentions are as varied and individual as the people seeking them. Each Intention Bead bracelet will include an intention and affirmation card for the particular action, along with instructions to help you manifest the power of your intention. Examples of intentions include, but are not limited to:

  • Self confidence and Self esteem
  • Prosperity and Abundance
  • Inspired Creativity
  • Promotion of Health
  • Attracting your Soulmate
  • Passion-fueled Career
  • Achieving Goals
  • Spiritual Connection